DIY Candy Corn Place Cards!!!

Hi everybody! Are you excited for Halloween? I know I am! All the pumpkins, candy corn, and spiderwebs are just so fun! Speaking of candy corn, these cute candy corn place cards are great for any Halloween party!

You’ll need:

  • A regular sheet of printer paper (8 1/2 by 11 inches)
  • Two sheets of card stock, one yellow and one orange
  • A ruler
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors
  • A sharpie
  • A pencil


  1. Use the ruler to measure and mark two strips from each color of paper, each 1 and 7/8 inches long. Use the scissors to cut the strips.
  2. Fold the white piece of paper in half hamburger style. Glue one strip of yellow paper to it, on the edge of the paper, and one strip of orange paper, right above the yellow, closer to the fold. Don’t worry if the strips go over the edge.
  3.   Do the same on the other side of the folded paper. If it was unfolded, it would look like this.  
  4. Turn the paper (with the strips glued to it) inside out. It should now look like this.
  5. Use the pencil to faintly trace the shape of a piece of candy corn, as shown. (Each piece of paper yields two place cards.)
  6. Cut the shapes out, making sure to leave the fold intact. Without it, each candy corn would be two separate shapes, not one folded one. Turn them right side out again. 
  7. Use the sharpie to write the names of your guests on the place cards. Repeat steps 1-7 to make as many as you need for your party.
  8. Stand up your place cards and admire them. You now have cute candy corn place cards that will sweeten up any Halloween party! Enjoy!

Back-to-School Headbands!

Hey everybody! Happy Sewing Saturday! I absolutely adore these super cute headbands – don’t you? Not only are they adorable, but they are also super easy, quick, and fun to make! You don’t even really need to know how to sew well! It’s just a couple of straight seams, and you’re done! Plus, they make a great back-to-school accessory!

You will need:

  • A long strip of fabric, between 29 and 30 inches long, and about 6 inches wide (pretty much any fabric will work for this, but I chose silk)

  • Straight pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread that matches the color of your fabric 
  • And a sewing machine, of course!

Let’s get started!

  1. First, fold the strip of fabric in half lengthwise (hot dog style), with the right sides together, and pin it.  
  2. Sew a straight seam right next to the raw (rough) edges of the fabric, taking the pins out as you go. You now have a long tube. 
  3. Turn the tube inside out. It should look something like this. At this point, you can iron the tube if you want, making sure the seam is in the center back.
  4. Turn the edges of the tube inside, and use a zigzag stitch to secure it, sewing over the edge of the tube.
  5. Yay! That’s it! In five easy steps! Now tie the headband around your head. It will look like an adorable little bow! Congratulations, you now have an adorable accessory to brighten up those dreary days at school! 

Duct Tape Pencil Toppers


Whoa! School totally just snuck up on me! I can’t believe summer is over! (Nooooooooooooo…)

Speaking of school, all those school supplies are a little bit boring, don’t you think? These adorable pencil toppers will brighten up dreary school supplies in an instant! And, they’re easy and fun to make! Here’s how:


  • One color of duct tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

  1. First, cut two strips of tape – one an inch long and one a little longer. (Cut all strips about a centimeter wide, unless instructed otherwise.)
  2. Lay the shorter piece on top of the longer one, sticky sides together, as shown in the picture. Set this aside.
  3. Cut two more strips of tape. One should be two inches long and the other a little bit longer. Stick them together in the same manner as the first two.
  4. Create a loop, securing it with the sticky side of tape you left showing in the previous step. This will be your bow!
  5. Cut two more strips. This time they will both be an inch long and half a centimeter wide.
  6. Wrap one strip around the loop you made in step four, so that it looks like a tiny bow. Isn’t it cute?
  7. Wrap the other strip on top of the first one, as shown.
  8. Continue wrapping the strip on the back of the bow, eventually turning the bow over. Grab the first strip you made and secure the bow to it using the strip you were just wrapping, as shown.
  9. Make a loop the same way you made the first one.
  10. Put it on the pencil and admire it.
  11. Congratulations! You’re finished! Now you have an adorable duct tape bow pencil topper! Yay!

Birthday Card DIY!!!

Hello, hello, hello!  My grandfather’s birthday was last week, and I made this card for him. You can do it, too!

You will need:

  • One sheet of regular printer paper
  • One 8″ by 11″ sheet of card stock, any color
  • Scissors (I used special scissors to create a wavy edge, but regular scissors work just fine, too)
  • A glue stick
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • LOTS of multicolored sharpies, but if you don’t have those, you can use colored pencils or crayons


  1. Fold the sheet of card stock in half. Then cut the sheet of printer paper so that it’s just a little smaller than the front of your card.  
  2. Now it’s time to choose your superheroes! Pick four logos. I chose Superman, Captain America, Batman, and Green Lantern.
  3. Next, sketch the front of your card in pencil, so you can erase if you make a mistake. I did lots of that!
  4. Then outline everything in sharpie, then use the eraser to make all the pencil lines disappear! (Abraaaa-cadabra!)
  5. Now comes the fun part…COLORING! And you get to use one of my favorite drawing tools…SHARPIES!  
  6. Glue the white piece of paper to the front of the blue folded piece.  
  7. OPTIONAL: You can choose whether or not to add the bow to the card. If you choose to add the bow, you will need a hot glue gun and red ribbon. Tie a bow with the ribbon and glue it to the front of the card, anywhere you want. You can put it on the top, on the bottom, or on either side.   
  8. Yay! You now have an awesome card, and you can write whatever you want on the inside!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

    July Flowers!!!

    Hi everybody! Cutting right to the chase, I know (from personal experience) that sometimes it’s very easy to become bored in summer. I mean, there’s only so much swimming, sunbathing, and going to the beach one person can stand, right? Well, this project is a really great boredom buster, because it’s super quick, fun, and easy to make! (And don’t you think the flower is pretty, too?) So let’s get started!

    You will need:

    • Scissors
    • A plastic or other kind of cup
    • One sheet of printer paper (This project works with any kind of thin paper, too, but if the paper is too thick, it won’t work.)


    1. Fold the paper so that one edge folds across and is lined up with the connecting edge, as shown.
    2. Use the scissors to cut the rectangular strip off so that you are left with a folded triangle shape.  
    3. Unfold the triangle. Now it’s a square!  
    4. Fold each of the points of the square into the middle, so that they’re all touching.  
    5. Repeat step 4 twice.  
    6. Turn the paper over.
    7. Do step 4 one more time.  
    8. Turn the paper back over. It should look like this:
    9. This is when you need the cup. Flip the cup upside-down and place the paper on top.  
    10. Pick up one of the edges that was folded into the middle and begin to bend it backwards.  
    11. Continue to bend it backwards, but be very careful, because it’s really easy to rip the paper during this step.  
    12. When you’ve bended it until you can’t bend it any more, this is what it should look like:  
    13. Do the same thing for the other three corners of paper. These are your petals!  
    14. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for the next layer…
    15. And the next. This is what it should look like once you’ve folded over all the layers:
    16. Turn it over. Use you hands to shape the flower.     
    17. You’re finished! Take a look at your July flower!


    18. Now make ten million in all different colors! You’ll never be bored again! 🙂

    19. Just kidding! I’ve only made 5 or 6 myself. Hmmm. I do have some paper left over…

    Sunny Days Ahead! 

    Hey everybody! I’m so excited that summer is coming! Today starts the countdown to summer! There are officially 20 more days left of school (counting today)!!!! To keep track of this countdown, I am making a paper chain. That way, I can rip off a link for each day that passes. When there are none left, Summer Vacation has officially started! I also came up with the idea that for each link that I tear off, I will write something I am thankful for about summer. On the last day of school, I can look at all the things I was looking foward to for summer! You can do this too! It’s super simple, super quick, and super fun!

    What you will need is:

    • Four sheets of construction paper, any color
    • A stapler
    • A pair of scissors


    1. Cut the pieces of paper into five strips each. (I stacked the pieces together when I cut them, to shorten the process.)   

    2. Staple the two ends of one strip together.

    3.Add another strip to the first one, and continue until you have twenty (or however many days there are until summer) links in your chain.

    The finished chain!   

    I think this is a great way to count down to summer while remembering what I love about it! Later today I will rip off the first chain. I’ll keep you updated!

    November Flowers???

    April flowers are great, especially when they are made of tissue paper and you can admire them all year, but what if there was a way to make some real flowers last all year long? Of course you’d want to know! Well, it just so happens that I know a way you can do that! It’s called pressing flowers! First you need to find some flowers that you are willing to pick and that you want to use.

    Next, you want to find a BIG, HEAVY, BORING book like this one.

    Place the flowers between the pages of the book, don’t forget where you put them, and close the book. (This picture doesn’t show it, but you should put pieces of white paper between the pages of the book and the flowers. That way neither the flowers or the book will be damaged.)

    Every few days, check on the flowers and exchange the pieces of paper for fresh ones. After a few weeks the flowers will be dry and flat. They will be very delicate, so be careful removing them from the book. Afterwards, you can arrange them any way you choose. I decided to use plastic photo sleeves to protect them, then I placed them in a book where I can enjoy them whenever I want, any time of year!

    Springing in to Spring!

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I think that life always seems sweeter in Spring. As I’ve already mentioned (in my post April Flowers…), I love Spring! You know what else I love? This outfit that, to me, positively screams Spring

    Today I challenged myself to come up with 10 things that I’m thankful for, specifically about Spring. It even inspired me to create a wall display in my room!

     These aren’t my things I’m thankful for about Spring, but they are things I’m thankful for! I think this is a great way to show how thankful I am that God created Spring!

    1. Flowers
    2. Caterpillars
    3. Butterflies
    4. Green leaves
    5. Easter
    6. New life
    7. Peeps (!)
    8. The last quarter of school
    9. April showers
    10. April flowers

    Now I’m asking you: what does Spring mean to you?

    April flowers…

    Yay, it’s springtime! Spring is one of my favorite seasons! As you know, April showers bring May flowers, but what about April flowers? I think that April flowers deserve to be mentioned too, don’t you? Today I’m going to tell you how to make flowers out of tissue paper. If flowers aren’t allowed to grow in April, at least you can make some! They’re super easy and super fun for spring! The materials you will need are two sheets of tissue paper (any color), two pipe cleaners (preferably green) and a pair of scissors. (This will make two flowers.)  


    1. Stack the two pieces of tissue paper on top of each other. Fold an edge of the sheets of tissue paper over about an inch. (It doesn’t have to be accurate.) Flip the sheets over and fold the other side about the same amount, accordion style. Continue doing this until you reach the end of the sheet. You will be left with a long folded strip of tissue paper.   
    2. Cut the strip in half. Take the scissors and clip the two ends of the strips (cut through all the layers) so that they’re curved.
    3. Take the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the strips in the middle, twisting it so it’s secure. This will be your stem. 
    4. Gently unfold the paper, fluffing it up and separating the two layers of paper to create the blossom. Be careful not to tear the tissue paper!  
    5. Repeat all the steps to make as many flowers as you want!
    6. Don’t forget to throw away your trash! 
    7. Enjoy your cheerful spring flowers!

    An Eggs-ellent Holiday!!!

    Hmmmm… Which holiday is that?

    NO, it’s not Halloween! Seriously, people! EASTER!!!! (Yay!)

    Yes, everybody. Easter is coming! Which generally means eggs, peeps, eggs, the Easter Bunny, eggs, candy, eggs, and… Oh, did I mention eggs?

    YES!!! Eggs galore at Eastertime! Which is exactly what this eggs-iting post is about! (Ha ha! Did you see what I did there? Eggs!)

    Just by doing a Google search of the words “easter eggs” and clicking on “images”, you can see everything from trees decorated with Easter eggs to Easter eggs made out of string! I just think Easter eggs are so fun! There are so many different things you can do with them! Plastic Easter eggs are the most common thing you see nowadays at Eastertime, but dyeing them the old fashioned way can be just as eggs-iting as the candy inside those bright colored plastic shells. One way you can dye Easter eggs is with vinegar and food coloring. It’s really easy and super fun!  The Martha Stewart website has a quick, easy set of instructions for Easter egg dyeing. Check it out! There are also countless things to decorate your Easter eggs with. One method is to use a white crayon and draw on the egg, then dye it. When the egg is dry, it will be colored except for the parts of the egg that have white crayon on them. There are also so many things you can do to your eggs after you dye them. You can add stickers, ribbon, or glitter!

    There are also fun traditions from other countries, such as cascarónes, which are from Mexico. Cascarónes = Easter eggs with glitter or confetti in them! Almost sounds even more fun that normal Easter eggs, doesn’t it?

    A (Super) Short History:  Cascarónes came to the United States from Mexico, though some people believe they originated in China, and were brought to Europe (where they became part of a courting ritual), then traveled to Spain, and finally made their way to Mexico.) Cascarónes have become a popular tradition in Mexico for holidays such as Easter and Halloween, and other fun events such as birthdays and weddings. You can make cascarónes with these instructions:

    1. Open one end of the egg and peel away the shell until you have a hole about the size of a quarter and drain the inside of the egg.
    2. Wash the eggs thoroughly. (Please don’t get salmonella)
    3. Once the eggs are dry, fill them with confetti or glitter.
    4. Cut out small pieces of tissue paper.
    5. Squeeze glue around the opening in your egg.
    6. Cover the hole with a tissue paper square.
    7. Cut off the excess paper
    8. Have fun!!!! Your cascarónes are finished! Now break some over your head! (It’s good luck!)


    P.S. Full instructions for these easy eggs can be found at the blog The Spohrs Are Multiplying

    P.P.S. Happy eggs-tra early Easter! 🙂