*BONUS!* Day 5.5 • How to get the perfect ponytail!


I am super excited about this BONUS DAY, with tips and tricks on how to create a ponytail that is stylish but won’t fall out easily! I’ve got 5 tips for you guys that will help the ponytail stay in if you’re running or playing sports – or if you just have the problem of your hair always falling out of a ponytail! So here we go!

(Thanks to Abigail from freckledfashionista.wordpress.com for suggesting this in her comment!)

Tip #1: This is suuuuuper simple, but helps a lot! I have hair that for some reason really likes to fall out whenever I try to put it into a ponytail, and this always works for me! All you have to do is use two hair ties together, instead of one. Wrap them both around the ponytail at the same time, and you should feel the difference in how tight it is!

Tip #2: This one helps a lot if the problem is looseness on the top of the head, or beneath the ponytail. Simply bend over, flipping your hair so it’s upside-down. Brush your hair out like this and gather your hair in a ponytail, but don’t use the hair tie yet. Stand back up straight, but hold the ponytail in place with your hand. Then secure with a hair tie.

Tip #3: If you have a dad or brother who uses hair gel, just steal a little bit and apply it to your hair to slick it back before securing it in the ponytail! This actually does a surprising amount to keep it secure. (Similarly, if you don’t have any gel handy, hair spray has almost the same effect.)

Tip #4: If your problem is baby hairs that just won’t stay put, keep any of these three things handy (in your backpack or purse or anywhere that will make them easily accessible): bobby pins, hair clips, or a headband. Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail and then add any one of those to keep those hairs under control!

Tip #5: Tired of trying – and failing – to create the perfect ponytail? You might want to try something entirely different! Dutch and french braids work amazingly well at keeping all the hair back and do the same job as a ponytail! If you’re ready to take a break from ponytails, consider braids as a fun alternative!

That’s all for today! Bye!!!

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