Disney Princess Hair Tutorials || Mulan!

This hairstyle is so simple and elegant, and it’s really fun to wear. It can be done on pretty much all hair lengths and types. You will need a flat iron, a hair tie, and a medium sized hair clip. Here’s how you can recreate the most rare and beautiful flower of all!

  1. Heat up the flat iron and when it’s hot, straighten all the hair. You want it to be super straight, so do small sections at a time and make sure it’s all done.
  2. Then brush the hair back (so there’s no clear part line) and gather the top layer of hair. The part should be about the outer edges of the eyebrows. Tie it with the hair tie.
  3. Clip the hair clip over the hair tie, hiding the hair tie.

There you go! All done! Comment and tell me how this hairstyle went for you! Did it hold up while fighting any Huns? 🙂

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