Disney Princess Hair Tutorials || Cinderella!

Guys, this hairstyle is a classic! In the movie, it’s just a bun, but I decided to spice things up a bit and make it a braided bun! And of course, there has to be a bow! 🙂 This style works best on long hair, but all types of hair are compatible with this hairstyle. (I will warn you, though, if you have wavy or curly hair, this style may be difficult to get out of your hair. It will still work, and it looks great, but it may be a pain to get out at the end of the day!) What you need for this hairstyle is a brush, a bun maker, hair ties (one normal size, and one tiny), bobby pins, and a blue bow.

  1. Put the hair into a ponytail. It should be pretty high, right above the tops of the ears.
  2.  Place the bun maker over the ponytail. Arrange the hair over the bun maker, but let it fall naturally. (This is the same way you would do it if you were just making a normal bun.)
  3. Take about an inch-wide section of hair and braid it, not too loose, not too tight. (You’ll need to pancake it later, so make sure it’s not too tight for that.) You don’t need to braid all the way down, only about six or seven inches.
  4. Reach your fingers under the bun maker to tuck the braid under and pull it up through the middle.
  5. Add about another half inch, brush through the hair, then repeat what you did with the first section.
  6. Repeat this until you run out of hair.
  7. When you’ve braided all the hair and you reach the last section of hair, continue braiding all the way to the end. Secure with the tiny elastic.
  8. Tuck the braid in like before, but do it as many times as possible. Then tuck the end into the center of the bun and bobby pin it so it stays.
  9. Now what you should have so far is the bun maker, with hair braided around it. Don’t worry if there are a lot of spaces between the braids, that’s how it’s supposed to look.  Take the first braid you did, and pancake it. (If you don’t know what pancaking is, it’s basically just pulling on the strands in the braid to loosen the braid and make it wider.) It should look something like this:
  10. Then pancake the next braid. Now take a bobby pin and pin the two pancaked braids together to cover the space between them. The bun maker should not be visible. Add more bobby pins if necessary.
  11. Continue to do this, pancaking and bobby pinning, all the way around the bun. When you finish, go back and make sure there are no spaces where the bun maker is showing through. If there are, use bobby pins to fix it.
  12. The finishing touch – add the bow! You can clip it either above or below the bun, or even on the side, next to it. Any of these ways makes for a cute style.
  13. Ta-da! You’re all done. Go have fun with your new, adorable bun! (Hey, that rhymes!) Just don’t stay out past midnight! 😉 Leave a comment telling me how it worked for you!

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