Disney Princess Hair Tutorials || Elsa!


This hairstyle is really pretty. It’s a little fancy-looking, but not hard to do at all! This braid can instantly dress up any outfit. This style works best on long hair, but it can be done with all hair types. All you’ll need is a brush, a comb, bobby pins, a small hair tie (blue, white, or clear), three regular size hair ties (it doesn’t matter what color because you will take them out before the end), and, if your hair is wavy or curly, a flat iron. If you have curly or wavy hair, I recommend straightening it beforehand, but if you’re really in a hurry, you might be able to get away with just spraying it down with water to make it easier to work with.

  1. Brush the hair back, then brush it all to the left, over the left shoulder. Starting above the center of the right eyebrow, take the comb and part the hair diagonally, continuing across the head. It’s kind of hard to explain, so refer to the picture below.
  2. Use one of the larger hair ties to tie up the top section of the hair to keep it out of the way.
  3. Begin French braiding the bottom section of the hair, BUT only add hair in from the bottom/right side. Make sure to pull the braid as close to the part as possible, practically on top of it. Also, don’t braid too tightly. Part of the charm of Elsa’s braid is the looseness of it all. Once you’ve braided all the way down to the nape of the neck, and added all the hair into the braid, do about two more stitches, then tie it with another of the larger hair ties.
  4. Untie the other half of the hair and do the same thing, except this time only add hair in from the top/left side. Once again, make sure the braid isn’t too tight. When you reach the end, do two more stitches and tie it with the last big hair tie. 
  5. At this point, you should have two separate braids, each with hair added in only from on side. Now take the bobby pins and sort of lift up both of the braids so you are able to pin them on the inside, so the pins are less visible. Starting back at the beginning of the braid(s) and working your way down, pin them together.
  6. Once you reach the point where both braids are tied off, untie them, but be careful not to let the braid unravel. Gather all that hair from both braids and redivide it into three sections. Then begin a normal braid, taking care not to braid too tightly.
  7. When you braid down to the end of the hair, tie it off with the small hair tie.Congratulations! You now have a totally COOL braid to show off! (Get it???) Drop a comment after you try this hairstyle. I’d love to hear how it went!

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