Disney Princess Hair Tutorials || Jasmine!

Hey everyone! It’s tutorial Tuesday, which means… the first Disney Princess Hair Tutorial!!! Yay! So excited!

This is a really quick, simple hairstyle, but it definitely makes a statement! It is SO easy to do, and since it’s so quick, it’s awesome for when you’re in a rush! This hairstyle would be great for school or church or anything, really, where you’d want to look stylish but still laid-back. For this style, all you will need is a brush and three turquoise hair ties. (But if you have short hair, you may only be able to fit two hair ties.) Since this is meant to be a quick style, I won’t bore you with a long introduction! 🙂 Here we go!

  1. First, brush the hair back (so that there is no definite part line) and gather it into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. You want this to be a really loose ponytail, but not to fall out. When I do it, I almost even lift the hair away from the neck a little bit, just to make sure I have that looseness. In addition to that, after you tie the ponytail, you can even tug on the hair, just a little, to make it look loose and effortless.
  2. After that, take the second hair tie and tie the hair again, a couple of inches down from the first hair tie (the distance will vary depending on your hair length.) Then tug on the hair between the two hair ties to loosen it and create a bubble of hair.
  3. Tie the rest of the hair with the last hair tie and loosen the hair between the last two hair ties, creating the same kind of hair bubble.
  4. Twirl the end of the ponytail with your fingers.

This hairstyle is really a whole new world of hair! 🙂 Have fun and comment telling me what you think of it!

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