Easter…Fashion Edition!

Hi everybody! I haven’t posted in sooooooooooo long! I’ve been super busy (as usual)!

Easter is in exactly a week! I LOVE Easter! It’s so fun and, as you have probably guessed, it definitely inspires me with fashion! 🙂

Anyway, spring starts tomorrow! Flowers have started popping up everywhere! They are SO pretty and I love them! These are some pictures I took this weekend of some flowers that are blooming. I like the purple one best! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 
   All the flowers inspire floral printed fabric, like the ones below. Floral prints always become popular during this time of year!
I’ve noticed that pastel colors are also really popular at Easter time.
Lastly, these are some Easter-inspired sketches I made using a few different mediums. I drew the first one on my iPad and the other two are obviously on paper, using pencils. (The last one is my favorite.)
  Well, that’s it! My fashion edition of Easter! I hope you liked it!

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