Valentine’s Day!

Hi! I’m so excited about Valentine’s Day, how about you? There are so many ways to add a little heart to your day on this fun holiday! Here are some easy DIY Valentine’s Day crafts to give or make for yourself!

Heart hairpin! This is great for any girl who wants to keep her hair out of her face and stay in the Valentine’s Day spirit!


  • Bobby pin
  • Fabric or felt (preferably pink or red, but any color will work)
  • Tailor’s chalk (or regular chalk if you don’t have that)
  • Scissors
  • A hot glue gun


  1. Plug the hot glue gun in and let it begin to heat up.
  2. Take the fabric and turn it right side-down and draw a small heart with the chalk on the backside.
  3. Cut the heart out.  
  4. Glue the heart to the bobby pin as shown. 
  5. That’s it! You made an adorable hairpin in only four easy steps! 

Adorable Valentine’s flowers!  These cute flowers are a great, quick gift that will work for anyone! They’re really pretty, too – they would look awesome in pink or red paper for Valentine’s Day! See my tutorial here!

Cute and possibly slightly cheesy Valentine’s Day sayings to put on cards! (And images for you to save and print, if you want to.)

Some bunny loves you!  You rock…

  No, you RULE! (Those two go together.)  You’re the icing on the cake!

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