Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I know it’s already the 14th, (wow, time flies!), but it’s still the beginning of 2016, right? Thank you to all my readers for making 2015 an awesome year! Obviously, it would not have been possible without you!

Okay, on with the show! I was planning on doing a short recap of the past year, then mentioning some of my New Year’s resolutions and some things that I’m excited about for 2016. Here we go!


2015 was such an amazing year! I tried so many new things, I can’t even list them all, but I think I’m the most proud of myself for auditioning for and performing in a play for the very first time!

My favorite fashion trends that I noticed during 2015 (at my school) were

  1. Knit boot cuffs

boot socks
Find these cute boot cuffs here.

    2. Plaid/flannelplaid

    This shirt is from American Eagle.

    3. Converse, specifically these ones, were super popular this year!white converse

    These shoes can be found at

    4.   Combat boots, especially ones with lace!

    lace combat boots


    These adorable boots are right here!

    That pretty much sums up my year in fashion!

    As for this blog, 2015 was my first real year as a blogger, and I’d say it was fantastic! According to’s annual report, my blog was viewed about 1, 400 times total during the year! Wow! Thank you to’s helper-monkeys for the great report!


    I am really thrilled for the new year! I hope to try even more new things and to help make it a really great year, these are a few of my New Year’s resolutions:

    1. Make more time for God during the day. I hope to read my Bible and pray more often.
    2. Think before I speak. This one is to remind me that I want to make people around me feel better, not worse, and I really want to make an effort to build people up as opposed to breaking them down.
    3. Become a better designer/sewist. I want to improve my skills and learn some new techniques!
    4. Lastly, post on this blog more often. Even though I have a super busy schedule, I want to make time about once a week, maybe more often, to write posts.

    Well, that’s it! Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Post them in the comments below!

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