Sneak Peek at Halloween Costume!

Hi everybody! Today is Miscellaneous Monday, so my post is actually about sewing. How is your October going? Mine is going great, if not a little (okay, a lot) chaotic! I’ve got all kinds of sports practices to go to, and on top of that, I’m making my costume for Halloween!

I’m really excited. Okay. I’ll be honest with you: I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

I really am. I absolutely can not wait for Halloween! Guess what I’m planning to be? Guess, guess, GUESS!

I am going to be… (drumroll please)… A CUPCAKE!

I went absolutely crazy at the Joann store in the beginning of the month. I got SUPER flowery purple fabric, shimmery pastel blue fabric, and sparkly pink fabric. I know, it’s a lot. But that’s not all! I also got lace and ribbon, and later decided to make sprinkles to go on the bodice. It’s like a cupcake overload, but that’s the look I was going for!

What are your plans for Halloween?

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