Summer or Fall???

Hey everyone! It’s that in between time of year again, isn’t it? Not quite fall, not exactly summer. I, for one, definitely want to keep holding on to summer for as long as possible, but the weather just can’t decide it it’s autumn or summer. We’ve had two weeks of exactly the opposite where I live. One week of heat, getting up there in the nineties, even in the range of 100-105 a couple times, and then one week of cool weather, and it even sprinkled a tiny bit! It’s definitely starting to lean towards fall and winter now that October has started, but I still think the weather can’t decide what it is for good.

I started thinking about that, and then I got inspired to create the sketch below. The whole idea is that by itself, the dress is a cute, simple summer dress with an ombré effect. But if you add a jacket, leggings, and boots, it’s a perfect fall outfit! 

Here are two more autumn inspired outfits, which I decided to leave black and white. The first one is all fall and no summer. It has a plaid cape-thingy and, of course, boots. The second one has a touch of summer in it, but just a little. It also has a sort of cape-thing, but this one is more like a shrug, which helps make the transfer between summer and fall. It would probably be better for a warmer autumn day, as opposed to a cold one. It too, obviously, would not be complete without boots. So what do you think?

This time of year is just so fun! It’s not too hot and not too cold, and the the leaves on the trees start to look really pretty, but one of the funnest things is the clothes! (After all, today is Style Sunday.)

During this time of year, I start to get excited about fall and winter. Even though I love summer, it’s still fun to put away all the tank tops and shorts to get out the sweaters, jeans, and especially BOOTS! Boots are probably one of the singular most awesome things about fall for me. If you haven’t already guessed, I LOVE boots! I can’t even tell you how much I love them – it would take up too much space. 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about fall? How about summer?

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