Duct Tape Pencil Toppers


Whoa! School totally just snuck up on me! I can’t believe summer is over! (Nooooooooooooo…)

Speaking of school, all those school supplies are a little bit boring, don’t you think? These adorable pencil toppers will brighten up dreary school supplies in an instant! And, they’re easy and fun to make! Here’s how:


  • One color of duct tape
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

  1. First, cut two strips of tape – one an inch long and one a little longer. (Cut all strips about a centimeter wide, unless instructed otherwise.)
  2. Lay the shorter piece on top of the longer one, sticky sides together, as shown in the picture. Set this aside.
  3. Cut two more strips of tape. One should be two inches long and the other a little bit longer. Stick them together in the same manner as the first two.
  4. Create a loop, securing it with the sticky side of tape you left showing in the previous step. This will be your bow!
  5. Cut two more strips. This time they will both be an inch long and half a centimeter wide.
  6. Wrap one strip around the loop you made in step four, so that it looks like a tiny bow. Isn’t it cute?
  7. Wrap the other strip on top of the first one, as shown.
  8. Continue wrapping the strip on the back of the bow, eventually turning the bow over. Grab the first strip you made and secure the bow to it using the strip you were just wrapping, as shown.
  9. Make a loop the same way you made the first one.
  10. Put it on the pencil and admire it.
  11. Congratulations! You’re finished! Now you have an adorable duct tape bow pencil topper! Yay!

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