Hawaiian Style

Hi everyone! Welcome to Style Sunday! This post is really about two things (my trip and fashion), so maybe I should be posting it tomorrow, on Miscellaneous Monday, but I couldn’t wait! I just love Hawaiian fashion (and the entire culture), don’t you? With all the sarongs, bikinis, hula skirts, and plain old shorts and T-shirts, there’s an irresistible easy breezy, beachy vibe that you can’t deny, and it even shows up in the furniture!

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Tropical Tantrum!
In Hanalei, we found a really cool boutique, which, as you can see, is called Tropical Tantrum! They had a lot of different dresses, shirts, scarves, purses, and even shoes, all in unique colorful prints!

Aren’t the clothes pretty?  

Check out the beadwork on these!  

So many colors!


And all the fabrics!
 All of these fabrics started out white. Can you believe it? They were dyed, and then…voila! Beautiful!
Luau Kalamaku

We went to a luau, which was superfun! They had some stalls set up outside that were selling some very interesting Hawaiian things. My favorite was this table of colorful jewelry!

Everyone was given a lei made with pretty purple flowers.

The Many Faces of Kauai…

These first two pictures are from a hike we took that had a great view!

The waves crashing against the rocks were really pretty!

The beautiful Waimea Canyon…    

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my very first Style Sunday post! Yay!
P. S. Island sketches! The first three are Hawaii-inspired, and the last two are inspired by the luau we went to. 

P. P. S. Hawaiian prints – which one is better? (Comment and tell me which one you like!)

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