Independence Day

Hi everyone! How was Independence Day for you? For me, it was fantastic! On the fourth, we had a big barbecue and set off LOTS of fireworks. It was a blast! (See what I did there? Fireworks? Blast? Ha ha!)

First we went to the fireworks store…

So many fireworks!

I love the rainbow packages for the sparklers!    

Patriotic decorations!

Daytime fireworks are just as fun as nighttime ones!

Smoke bombs!      

Then it got dark…  

Fountains are so pretty!   

We lit a floating lantern that made me feel like Rapunzel!  

This is my favorite picture. Isn’t it pretty?

4 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. minersmix says:

    Thanks for the photos! We miss the fireworks sometimes. We’re in California, and live in the Sierras. Showing your pictures out of doors could start a fire here!

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