Chapter 2

Hey everyone!! I’m so excited to share with you the second chapter of the story I’m writing right now! I like to write, so I do it a lot in my free time, but I explained all of that in my post Chapter 1. As you can probably guess, it has the first chapter of my story. If you haven’t read it, you should check it out before reading the rest of this post! Or you can reread it, if you’ve already seen it, to refresh your memory. The story will definitely make a lot more sense if you do! So without further ado…(drumroll, please)…the second chapter of my story! (I haven’t decided what I’m going to title the story yet, but I’m open to suggestions!) Comment and tell me what you think of this chapter!

Chapter 2

I wake up and groggily sit up. For a minute I can’t remember what happened, but then it all comes flooding back. In the first ten minutes of her being here, I managed to insult Emily and get on her bad side. How’s that for efficient? I came into my room and must’ve fallen asleep.

With a start I glance at the other side of the room and realize that I am not alone. The bed that has remained empty for months is now filled, and Emily is snoring peacefully. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I can see that she is wearing my pajamas. Already what’s mine is…well, not mine anymore.

My light-up alarm clock reads 6:30. I might as well get up. Soon I’ll have to start getting ready for school, anyway. This is probably the only peace and quiet I’ll get for a long time.

I stumble in the darkness, but manage to cross the room without making too much noise. I quietly tiptoe out the door and close it behind me. Strolling into the kitchen, I don’t notice Buddy sleeping on the floor until it’s too late.

I go sprawling, and my elbow catches the edge of a pan sitting on the counter. A huge CLANK! resounds through the house. For a moment all is still, and I sit on the kitchen floor, barely daring to believe that I got away with that. Then the light switch clicks on upstairs and I can hear the feet pounding down the stairs and the voices wondering what happened.

I sigh and prepare to explain exactly why I’m sitting on the floor of the kitchen in the dark at 6:30 a.m. with my drooling dog at my feet. So much for peace and quiet.

Once my family is finished interrogating me, we all go our separate ways, Emily, Annabelle, and me to get ready for school, and my mom and dad to get ready for work.

I decide to try and avoid everyone, especially since I am currently not speaking to my parents, so when Emily heads toward our (my) room, I go to the bathroom first, washing my face and brushing my teeth.

After I’m finished in the bathroom I glance at the clock, and, seeing that the bus will be at my house in less than 20 minutes, hurry to my room. Annabelle is so lucky. She’s allowed to sleep for an extra hour or so. Kindergarten doesn’t start until 9. Fortunately, I decided what I was going to wear last night.

After a few minutes of searching, I am wearing my jeans and new polka-dotted shirt, but I can’t find my favorite jacket. It’s beige but not boring, and totally adorable. The jacket is cropped. It has a little bit of fringe, not too much, not too little, and to top it off, a row of chunky, supercute buttons. I just got it recently, and have hardly taken it off since.

I decide to go through everything in my closet one last time, but after looking carefully at each item of clothing I own, the jacket is still nowhere to be found. Arghhh! It would have perfectly completed my outfit! I heave a sigh and grab my jean jacket off its hanger instead. I guess I’ll just have to settle for this.

“Ciara!” my mom shouts from the kitchen. “Breakfast is ready!”

“Coming, Mom.” I reply, then scan my closet one last time before shutting the door as I back out of my room.

After scarfing down my breakfast of bacon and eggs, I grab my backpack and start to race out the door, but my mother’s hand on my shoulder stops me.

“Ciara,” she starts. Her eyes are telling me that I had better listen to her, and do exactly what she says. “Why don’t you walk Emily out to the school bus? And maybe you can show her around at school too?” I groan inwardly, but the tone of my mother’s voice clearly lets me know that it’s not a question. It’s an order. “Remember, it’s her first day at a new school, and that can be very nerve racking.” She steers me towards the back door and directs me to wait on the porch while she calls Emily’s name.

Finally, after what seems like forever, Emily strolls out onto the porch. I am surprised to see that her blonde hair is wavy, not straight like it was last night. I can’t decide if it’s naturally wavy and she straightened it yesterday, or if it’s naturally straight and she curled it this morning. She also has a new (well not really, since it used to be mine) backpack, probably filled with school supplies. My mom must have gotten her some clothes late last night, because the ones she’s wearing are definitely not mine. For one thing, they fit her really well, and mine would be much too big on her. For another thing, they’re totally not my style.

But what makes my mouth drop open and my blood boil is the jacket. Not just any jacket. My jacket. My favorite new jacket, which I searched for a long time this morning. The jacket that I spent weeks’ worth of allowance on. And to make matters worse, the jacket looks much better on her than it ever did on me. I can’t help noticing how the tan of the jacket makes the bright blue in her eyes really pop. Frankly, she looks adorable. She looks adorable! In my jacket! Is nothing in this world fair?

I stand there on the porch seething, willing myself to shout at her, or to do something, but my mom is standing right there, shooting me a glare that says, “What are you waiting for? Take her to the curb and wait for the bus. Now.” I can’t do anything with her here, so I just open and close my mouth like a fish, until Emily hops off the porch and walks down the sidewalk.

I can hear the bus approaching, so I have no choice but to trail behind her. I stomp onto the bus, not caring if she follows. My friend Roxanne is waving and pointing wildly. What is she doing? She makes some hand gestures that I don’t quite catch, but apparently Emily understands them perfectly, because she steps around me and seats herself next to Roxanne. Roxanne’s been hearing about Emily for a few days now, as I whined to her about how unfair it was that Emily (then referred to as the foster girl) was going to live with us, so she knows who Emily is, but still. Seriously, people! Hasn’t anyone ever heard of loyalty??? Roxanne shoots me an apologetic glance, shrugs, and motions for me to sit down across from them, but she must not be too sorry, because during the whole bus ride, she laughs and nods along with everything Emily says, so I slump down in my seat and wallow in self-pity alone.

Emily is extremely caught up in whatever conversation she is having with my best friend, so I must imagine the extremely brief look of concern flash in her eyes. When the bus pulls up to the curb at school, I race off as if my hair were on fire. And I don’t look back once.

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