Sunny Days Ahead! 

Hey everybody! I’m so excited that summer is coming! Today starts the countdown to summer! There are officially 20 more days left of school (counting today)!!!! To keep track of this countdown, I am making a paper chain. That way, I can rip off a link for each day that passes. When there are none left, Summer Vacation has officially started! I also came up with the idea that for each link that I tear off, I will write something I am thankful for about summer. On the last day of school, I can look at all the things I was looking foward to for summer! You can do this too! It’s super simple, super quick, and super fun!

What you will need is:

  • Four sheets of construction paper, any color
  • A stapler
  • A pair of scissors


  1. Cut the pieces of paper into five strips each. (I stacked the pieces together when I cut them, to shorten the process.)   

2. Staple the two ends of one strip together.

3.Add another strip to the first one, and continue until you have twenty (or however many days there are until summer) links in your chain.

The finished chain!   

I think this is a great way to count down to summer while remembering what I love about it! Later today I will rip off the first chain. I’ll keep you updated!

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