November Flowers???

April flowers are great, especially when they are made of tissue paper and you can admire them all year, but what if there was a way to make some real flowers last all year long? Of course you’d want to know! Well, it just so happens that I know a way you can do that! It’s called pressing flowers! First you need to find some flowers that you are willing to pick and that you want to use.

Next, you want to find a BIG, HEAVY, BORING book like this one.

Place the flowers between the pages of the book, don’t forget where you put them, and close the book. (This picture doesn’t show it, but you should put pieces of white paper between the pages of the book and the flowers. That way neither the flowers or the book will be damaged.)

Every few days, check on the flowers and exchange the pieces of paper for fresh ones. After a few weeks the flowers will be dry and flat. They will be very delicate, so be careful removing them from the book. Afterwards, you can arrange them any way you choose. I decided to use plastic photo sleeves to protect them, then I placed them in a book where I can enjoy them whenever I want, any time of year!

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