Almost Home…(I hope!)

Recently I saw the movie Home. Overall, I thought it was adorable!

The characters were really fun. Each one added a unique, silly, or cute element to the movie. All of them put together created a great cast of interesting characters. And I felt like they were all important, like the movie wouldn’t have been complete without even one of them…especially the cat! Of course my favorite group in the movie were the Boov. They were hilarious! Basically they were a bunch of aliens running around thinking that they were geniuses because they conquered Earth. But since they also thought that footballs were fruit, well, I wonder how smart they really were.

The plot was, all together, very funny and cute, but some of it seemed a little choppy, as if transitions from one event to another weren’t well thought out. There was also a little bit of repetition. Near the beginning of the movie, one problem was solved, but later in the movie, the same or a very similar problem arose and was once again solved.

I think the actors were very good and really embodied their characters well. The actor for Captain Smek (the leader of the Boov), Steve Martin, was very funny. The actor for Gratuity “Tip” Tucci (Rihanna) and the actor for Oh, the main Boov in the story, (Jim Parsons) were also exellent.

I really loved this movie and would totally see it again! If anyone else has seen it, what did you think?

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