Who likes tests? Nobody? That’s what I expected. Even if we don’t like it, this week at school we are doing standardized testing. I may not like tests, but I do like this dress I drew that is inspired by all the tests we have to do. Speaking of tests…

What if your teacher reminds your class that there is a huge test today…and you completely forgot to study?! What should you do?

Try to stay calm. During a test, once you start to hyperventilate, your brain slows down, and that wastes time you could be using on the test. Of course, if your teacher gives your class free time or study hall, don’t just sit there twiddling your thumbs! Use the time to study! If you don’t have time, relax! Like I said, freaking out only makes it worse.

Once the test is passed out, take deep breaths and try to concentrate. If the test is multiple choice, eliminate the answers that you know for sure are wrong. Once you narrow it down, it will be easier to choose and you have a better chance of picking the right answer.

If there are questions you don’t understand, skip them and come back to them. If you spend all your time on one question, you won’t finish the easier questions, and you won’t get points for those. Next to the hard questions, make a line, a star, a question mark, or anything that will catch your attention when you are looking over your test and remind you to do the problem. If you are allowed to ask your teacher questions during the test, then of course you should do that!

The most important thing you can remember is that God gave you a really cool muscle in your head. It’s called a brain, and it has more power than you might think. If you stay calm and think through each question, I know you’ll figure it out!

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