The Rumor Weed (No, not the Veggie Tales Movie!)

Here’s some advice on gossip and rumors. Do you gossip? Pretty much everyone does at some point. If these circumstances happened to you, would you feel differently about it? Read this story, imagine yourself as the victim, listen to the advice, and at the end, think about gossip one more time.

Imagine you stroll into the school cafeteria, and notice something is wrong. Everyone is either staring at you or giggling and whispering. There’s only one person not doing that. When you notice the guilty look on their face, you realize what must have happened. What you really want to do is run out of the room, but your feet seem nailed to the floor as you stand frozen in place.

If someone is spreading rumors about you, you need to tell them to cut it out. If they continue doing it, tell an adult what is going on. Even if the person does stop, the damage has been done. If people ask questions about the rumors, answer politely that they are not true. If people treat you strangely because they think the rumors are true, ignore them. It’s not your problem. If they are judging you based on false stories, then they are the ones with poor judgement, not you. And the next time you are tempted to gossip, remember how it felt for you.

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