Lego- tastic!

Legos, legos, legos! Can you guess where my family decided to go for Spring Break? That’s right: We went to Legoland! It was really fun! We did all kinds of things, from seeing the Lego Movie set to seeing Las Vegas – made of Legos, of course! There were also all these really cool statues made of Legos everywhere in the park!

We saw the actual set of the Lego Movie…

All this stuff was in the movie! Pretty cool, huh?  

Aaaaaaahhh! Lord Business!    

Recognize the ice cream truck fully weaponized attack vehicle? (Sorry, I don’t know what it’s really called.)

The evil looking, scary tower!  (I don’t know what that’s called either!)

They’re building a new section of the park, based on the Friends Lego sets!

You should come when it opens!  

We went to Miniland! 

Star Wars Miniland!    

Ewoks are so adorable!  

How the statues are made of Legos, it is cool, hmm? (Yoda Talk!)

Normal Miniland, USA… or should I say Legowood, USA?!    

San Fransisco!  

New York City! It’s built out of about 8 million Legos! That’s more than I have, for sure!  

Times Square, lit up as usual.  

Welcome toVegas!      

These statues made out of Legos were so awesome… 


P.S. I hope your break was as fabulous (or Lego-tastic!) as mine was!

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