Hey everybody, I know that over the few days before Spring Break ends, you’ll all be thinking the same thing that I am, which is “Do we have to go back to school?” The answer is, sadly, that you do have to go back, but hopefully these tips will make it a whole lot easier! (For you and me both!)

Super Amazingly Incredible Awesome Tip #1: Set your alarm (for the normal time you wake up on a school day) the day before you have to go back to school. Then the next day, when you actually have to go to school, your body will be a little more prepared to wake up at that time.

Super Amazingly Incredible Awesome Tip #2: Trust me, in the morning, you will not want to wake up. My prediction: Beep! Beep! Beep! Yawn. Snooze button. But you don’t want to be late to school on the first day back from break! 

So the night before, set your alarm clock somewhere away from your bed. If you have to get up and walk to it, you’ll be more awake and less likely to want to press the snooze button. Then in the morning, when your arm goes off, do as much as you can to wake yourself up. Walk around, take a sip of water, splash your face with water. And don’t press that snooze button! 

Super Amazingly Incredible Awesome Tip #3: Do everything the night before! If there’s anything that you can do the night before, instead of in the morning, do it! Choose exactly what clothes you’re going to wear (and don’t change your mind)! If you like to take a shower in the morning, take one at night instead. You can make your lunch for the next day and put it in the refrigerator, or even breakfast, which you can heat up in the morning. All of these things will help you be ready on time for school, even if you wake up a little late. 

Good luck making it to school on time!

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