Would You Rather???


Today is a day of wacky, fun, crazy pranks, so here is a bunch of wacky, fun, crazy Would You Rather questions (and a hilarious sketch)! So sit back, relax, and enjoy these mega-strange questions and the pranks that are sure to follow!

Would you rather…

Eat chicken-flavored ice cream or ice cream-flavored chicken?

Use a hairbrush on your teeth or a toothbrush on your hair?

Buy one super expensive but awesome item or a bunch of really cheap and cool things?

Play basketball with a football or football with a basketball?

Kiss a porcupine or hug a kangaroo?

Have candy or balloons as currency?

Wear fabric patterned with giant cupcakes or giant pineapples?

Water a sprout as big as a tree or (try to) climb a tree as small as a sprout?

Wear neon pink glasses or neon pink braces?

Sleep for ten hours on a very uncomfortable bed or sleep for a few hours on a really comfortable bed?

Read this blog or do your homework??? (That’s a trick question. There’s only one right answer. You know which one it is!)

P.S. If you didn’t choose reading this blog, I hope someone pranks you today! 🙂

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