Which Shoe Are You?

Here’s a quiz that will match a shoe to your personality…not that I’m trying to put your personality in a bottle…or a shoe. So grab a pencil and find out which shoe you are!

1. What type of plant would you want in your garden?

  • a. Graceful, elegant lilies
  • b. Bright, colorful tropical flowers
  • c. A willow tree – they’re so peaceful looking

2. Which club would you sign up for?

  • a. Fashion Club – of course fashion is an art!
  • b. Art Club – expressing yourself is so fun!
  • c. Reading Club – reading is a great way to unwind!

3. What’s your favorite color?

  • a. Pink – so pretty!
  • b. Red – bold and bright!
  • c. Lavender – soft but beautiful!

4. What fabric do you like to wear?

  • a. Satin – it’s so graceful and flowing
  • b. Anything that makes a statement
  • c. Fleece – so warm and comfortable

Mostly a’s

Graceful high heels – You are elegant, graceful, and dripping with confidence. You always see the beauty in things!


Mostly b’s

Funky boots – You are spunky, bold, creative, and you love to express yourself! You have tons of great ideas and the creativity to carry them out!


Mostly c’s

Comfortable high tops – You are calm, peaceful, and mellow. You would rather be sitting still than moving around, but even if your body is still, that mind of yours is working overtime!


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