Party Poopers!


Today’s post is advice about a situation that, based on my experience, is a very common occurrence among girls in the fifth or higher grades. Also, for fun, I included a sketch that goes along with the situation. You’ll get it when you read the rest of the post!

Imagine you are at school.  A group of your friends walks by, chattering about a sleepover that will take place this weekend.  You freeze in your tracks. This is the first you’ve heard about a sleepover, and you weren’t invited.  What should you do?

Keep walking! Stand up straight and and go on with your life. Chances are, the girls didn’t mean to hurt your feelings by not inviting you, and they didn’t mean for you to hear their conversation. Since you did hear it, just wish them well and tell them you hope they’ll have a good time.  From personal experience, I know that most parents don’t want fifteen giggly girls staying up past midnight, especially if there are older or younger siblings trying to sleep, too.  Many moms limit their daughters to choosing two to three friends to sleep over.  This can be difficult, with so many friends to choose from.  But it doesn’t mean they won’t invite you the next time!

2 thoughts on “Party Poopers!

  1. Brooke Horning says:

    awesome blog! I totally think you should try to sew some of the stuff you draw. THEY ARE AMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! I’m totally going to keep up-to-date on your blog! miss ya a TOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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