St. Patrick’s Day!!!


Today is St. Patrick’s Day! There are so many green things to do today: anything from making green pancakes to setting a leprechaun trap! I can’t choose (!!) and there are so many awesome ideas for how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day that I decided not to just write about one of them. Instead, I decided just to write about the holiday! Make sure you wear something green today, or you might get pinched!

St. Patrick’s Day is not actually a national holiday in the United States, but a LOT of people celebrate it. A few cities dye their rivers or streams green for the day, and the fountain at the White House has even been dyed before! There are also a lot of parades, and there is one in Boston that has been occurring annually since 1737!

Just for fun, I also included a sketch of a simple dress with a really neat (I think) design!

I sure hope there is a rainbow today…

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