A Cinderella Story…

On Friday, I saw the new movie Cinderella. The theatre I saw it at had these huge, comfortable recliners that made me want to fall asleep! (Zzzzz…) Once I managed to stay awake, though, I really enjoyed the movie. (And the Frozen short that came before it! It was very clever and completely adorable!)

Something super awesome in the movie was Cinderella’s dress for the ball. It looked light, floaty, and just the way I thought it should. It was amazing! However, I wasn’t so sure about the stepsisters’…shall we say, unique, look…but you’ll have to wait and see it for yourselves! The clothes that the stepmother wore were practically radiating evil stepmother, and they fit her character’s personality to a T. I lovedloved, loved the costumes!

I also feel like the producers, actors, and…well, everyone must have had a lot of pressure, because they were trying to recreate one of the most famous films ever. The actress who played Cinderella, Lily James, did a great job of portraying Cinderella. And Cate Blanchett, as the evil stepmother, did an absolutely amazing job.

There were lots of iconic, very well-known moments in the movie, like the transformation of Cinderella’s dress right before she went to the ball. In my opinion, they did a marvelous job with some of those moments, but I felt a little underwhelmed during some of them, and it kind of felt like they needed a little more drama.

Overall, I thought it was totally awesome, and I would definitely see it again! If you have seen this movie, please comment and tell me what you thought of this fairy tale remake!

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