10 Days of Sports Hairstyles • Day 4

Hi! It’s day four, so let’s get started!!!

This hairstyle is another one of my favorites! It’s super elegant and kind of fancy-looking, but quick to do and it will keep your hair off your face!

All you need for this hairstyle is a brush and three regular hair ties.

  1. First, brush the hair out. Gather a section of hair at the top of your head, a couple of inches above the tops of the ears. Tie it off.
  2. Next gather another section of hair, making the part right in the center of the head, approximately at the middle of the ears. Add this hair to the hair from the first ponytail, and secure the whole thing with a hair tie.
  3. Repeat this one last time, making the part at the middle of the ears.
  4. Now gather the rest of the hair and secure it all in a ponytail using the last hair tie, at the nape of the neck.
  5. Now loosen the sections of hair in between the hair ties, forming bubble shapes.

All done! I think this style could work for all kinds of sports! If you try it out, comment and tell me how it went!

10 Days of Sports Hairstyles • Day 3

Hiiiiiiiiii! It’s day three of the sports hairstyles tutorials series! Yay! (You know what they say: three is a magic number!)🙂

For this hairstyle, you will need a brush and two normal hair ties, the color of your choice.

  1. Brush the hair out and secure it in a ponytail using one of the hair ties.
  2. Now it’s time to begin a rope braid. First divide the hair into two sections. Then twist both of the sections to the right.
  3. Now twirl the two sections together. Be sure to twirl them to the left; you have to do it the opposite way you twisted the first time. As you braid, continue twisting to the right while you twirl the sections together, and constantly pull the braid tight.
  4. When you reach the end of the hair, tie it off with the other hair tie. All done!

There you go! I love the rope braid because it’s more unique, but it’s still easy!

Till next time!

10 Days of Sports Hairstyles • Day 2

Hey everyone!

This hairstyle is simple and easy, but it’s adorable, and I love it because it’s especially helpful for keeping flyaways and pesky baby hairs out of the way!

For this style, you will need a comb and three hair ties.

  1. First, part the hair with the he comb. The part can be anywhere, really.
  2. On one side, take a small section of hair, about an inch wide, and divide it into three sections.
  3. Begin a regular French braid, only adding hair from that side of the part.
  4. French braid down to about the tops of the ears, and then stop adding hair and continue with a normal braid to the end of the hair. Tie off with one of the hair ties.
  5. Repeat this on the other side of the head.
  6. Now remove the hair ties from the end of the braids. Divide all the hair into three sections and braid it into a normal braid. Use the last hair tie to secure it.

All done! I’d love to see some comments telling me how it went for you!🙂

10 Days of Sports Hairstyles • Day 1

Hi guys! YAY! It’s the first day of the sports hairstyles series! I’m super pumped, so let’s get to it!

This hairstyle is pretty easy, and can usually be done in under five minutes. What you will need is a hairbrush, a spray bottle filled with water, a hair tie in the color of your choice, a bobby pin and a miniature hair tie (the color doesn’t matter; you will be taking it out before the end.)

  1. To start out, first you want to make a side part in the hair, using the brush. Then spray all the hair with the water to make it easier to work with.
  2. Gather a small section of hair in the front. Divide it into three sections and begin a French braid.
  3. Continue french braiding until you reach the ear. At this point, you can stop adding hair and just braid normally to the end of the hair. Tie it off with the smaller hair tie.
  4. Gather all the hair not in a braid into a ponytail and tie it with the larger hair tie.
  5. Now take the French braided hair and pull it back to the ponytail, wrapping it around the hair tie. Take out the small hair tie at the end of the braid and secure it with the bobby pin.

You’re done! This hairstyle is super quick and easy, but really cute!

Next Up…Sports Hairstyles!

Hi everyone!!! I am super excited to introduce my next hair tutorial series! As you’ve probably guessed, it’s sports hairstyles!!!!!!! These styles are fantastic for any sports practices or games, but they can also be used just for exercising, or even if you just want your hair out of your face at school!

I had SO much fun (and from what I could tell, you guys did too) with the Disney princess hair tutorials (see here), so I thought, why stop?

And BOOM! The sports hairstyle tutorials series was born! It’s going to be a ten day series called (DUH) 10 Days of Sports Hairstyles.

I’m a sporty kind of girl; for as long as I can remember, I’ve played one or more sports at a time. Coming up with cute but still practical hairstyles that are quick and easy enough to do before practice has always been a challenge.

So, hopefully this will help all the athletes out there struggling with the dilemma of, “Why do I have to choose between stylish and practical????”

Bye for now!


Back-To-School • A Rainbow of Advice!

Hi! School just started again (NOOOOOO), so I thought that I’d better post before things get TOO hectic and crazy!🙂

If you’re a student like me, you know that going back to school – especially if you are starting at a new school – can be really stressful and even a little (or a lot) scary!

I’ve done girl power posts in the past, but always about famous girl power stories – never any about your own girl power. I just want you to know that it’s there! It’s inside you! Everyone has power and strength inside themselves, and it’s just a matter of digging it out and letting it show!

So this post is going to be a mashup between girl power and school. Girl power at school! Advice on how to be confident and not stressed, even when going to a new, scary, or difficult school.

That’s it for the introduction. Oh, one more thing: I hope it helps!🙂

RED – the color of power!The color red can make you feel strong and powerful. When you see the color red, remember that YOU are strong and powerful. The color red can make you feel like your energy is renewed. Red is the strong desire to work hard and persevere; red is self-empowerment; red is the blazing fire inside of you, the voice telling you not to give up. At school, if you can’t seem to get a math problem correct and want to give up, if you have a huge project and not a lot of time to complete it, whenever you’re feeling a little hopeless, be like the color red, and don’t give up!

ORANGE – fun!I like this description I read of orange: “Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.” It’s true! Orange can represent joy and sunshine. It can also symbolize enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, and determination. Those are all such great qualities! The one that sticks out to me the most is creativity! Even though you may not think so, creativity is actually super important in school. Even if you’re not taking art classes, you can see creativity in pretty much all subjects of school. Science: see God’s amazing creativity in action as you learn about His creation! History: look at others’ creativity in the past, and learn from it! English: creativity is definitely prominent in writing and literature! Math: use your own creativity to think of a new angle to look at something, or a better way to solve a problem. So like the color orange, be cheerful and creative!

YELLOW – the color of happiness!The color yellow can evoke pleasant and happy feelings. Bright yellow grabs your attention immediately. It makes me think of sunshine! The color yellow can remind us to be happy and joyful. Yellow is cheery and warming; it can make you feel happier. Use yellow to help you out when you need to smile. Yellow can make you think of smiley faces. Whenever it seems like there are clouds and no sun, yellow can remind us that the sun is still there, shining just as brightly as ever behind those clouds. Try to emanate joy and friendliness at school, like the color yellow, even when you’re feeling down! Just smiling can make you feel happier. Acting happy, joyful, and sunny, like the color yellow, can make you feel that way inside!

GREEN – the color of growth and new life! Green is Mother Nature’s personal favorite – it represents plants, flowers, growing, freshness, fertility, and living things! Wow, that’s a lot! Since green represents growing, it can also remind us of improvement. School might feel boring and pointless sometimes – or A LOT of the time – but remember that YOU are learning! You’re growing! You’re improving! Just like green plants are growing. Green can also represent life. Remember that life is a gift; enjoy it! Time spent at school may seem wasted, but it’s actually not! You are alive; living, breathing, and thinking! Every moment you are alive is a miracle, a gift from God! So the next time you’re sitting in math class counting ceiling tiles, focus on every breath that goes in and out of your body. Be grateful and happy to even be breathing, even if it is in math class! So go through school (and life in general) with a mind open to learning and a heart grateful and happy to be alive!

BLUE – the chill color!Personally, blue is my favorite color! It is so calming and soothing! Blue is associated with tranquility, trust, wisdom, and confidence! It is suuuuuuuper relaxing. At school, it’s a really good idea not to be uptight and tense all the time. Being relaxed and going with the flow a bit will be very beneficial. Blue can remind us not to freak out if we have a problem, like not being able to get your locker open, forgetting a book at home, or worrying about being late to class. If you freak out, the problem will only get worse! Taking deep breaths and remaining calm helps you to keep a clear head so you can solve the problem quickly. The Bible tells us not to worry, and to instead pray! Philippians 4:6-7 says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” The color blue can be a fantastic reminder of that! Like the color blue, we should be relaxed, calm, and confident that it will work out. So the next time you get a HUGE amount of homework, remember that you didn’t study for a test, or don’t understand something in class, breathe deeply and don’t stress. You got this!

PURPLE – the noble, royal color!Purple is another one of my favorite colors! It’s kind of like a mesh between blue’s stability and red’s energy. It symbolizes power, nobility, and dignity. Purple is largely associated with royalty. Purple can remind us that we have power, nobility, and dignity! It can remind us to be confident, and that we are dignified. We should hold our head high and walk with confidence. The Bible says that we are God’s children. (John 1:12 “Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God…”) God is the creator of the universe, the king of all existence, and we are His children! That means that we are royalty, too! Purple can remind us to carry ourselves with dignity and confidence – we are royalty!

GOLD! – treasure!Image courtesy of freecreatives.com

Gold is associated with wealth, quality, and value. It can remind us that we are of value! We should know that we are treasured! Romans 5:6-8 “For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” We were, and are, worth enough to God that He would send His own son to die for us. We are worth that much to God! So therefore, there is no reason for us to tear ourselves or others down. We should treat ourselves and others like they are valued and worthy. God created us in His image! Genesis 1:27 “…God created man in His own image…” We are made to be like the creator of the universe! And He claims us as His children! How amazing is that?????? We should always remember that we are worthy, treasured, and of value to the ruler of the entire universe.

I think that the key to succeeding at school is having a combination – a rainbow – with all these character traits – colors!

  • Red: perseverance and passion
  • Orange: creativity and cheerfulness
  • Yellow: joy and happiness
  • Green: open-mindedness and gratefulness, enjoying the miracle of life
  • Blue: calmness
  • Purple: confidence and dignity
  • Gold: knowing our own worth and value, and treating others like they have worth and value

Bye for now! Good luck at school! Now I have to go tackle my own schoolwork…🙂

Disney Princess Hair Tutorials ||Minnie Mouse!

This is the last Disney princess hair tutorial! (*sob, sob*) I hope you all have enjoyed this as much as I have!🙂Even though Minnie Mouse is not technically a Disney princess, she still holds a place very near and dear to my heart. She is so adorable and iconic that I think she definitely deserves her own tutorial, don’t you?

This hairstyle is soooooooo cute and fun! It’s really playful and it can bring out the kid inside all of us. Something else I love about this hairstyle is that it can be done on wet hair too. And best of all, it’s pretty easy and doesn’t take too long to do! This hairstyle works on basically all hair lengths and types. What you will need is a brush, a comb, a spray bottle with water, four hair ties that match the color of the hair, two small clear elastics, and, of course, a pink bow.

  1. Part the hair straight down the middle using the comb.
  2. Put each section into a high ponytail using two of the normal-sized hair ties. (Excuse my uneven part!)
  3. Spray down the hair – but obviously, skip that if the hair is already wet – and then braid both of the ponytails to the end. Secure the braids with the small clear hair ties.
  4. Make two buns by wrapping each of the braids around the base of the ponytails. Secure the buns with the other two normal-sized hair ties.
  5. Add the pink bow to either one of the buns.

All done! I love this hairstyle so much. SO cute!!!

Disney Princess Hair Tutorials || Mulan!

This hairstyle is so simple and elegant, and it’s really fun to wear. It can be done on pretty much all hair lengths and types. You will need a flat iron, a hair tie, and a medium sized hair clip. Here’s how you can recreate the most rare and beautiful flower of all!

  1. Heat up the flat iron and when it’s hot, straighten all the hair. You want it to be super straight, so do small sections at a time and make sure it’s all done.
  2. Then brush the hair back (so there’s no clear part line) and gather the top layer of hair. The part should be about the outer edges of the eyebrows. Tie it with the hair tie.
  3. Clip the hair clip over the hair tie, hiding the hair tie.

There you go! All done! Comment and tell me how this hairstyle went for you! Did it hold up while fighting any Huns?🙂


Disney Princess Hair Tutorials || Cinderella!

Guys, this hairstyle is a classic! In the movie, it’s just a bun, but I decided to spice things up a bit and make it a braided bun! And of course, there has to be a bow!🙂 This style works best on long hair, but all types of hair are compatible with this hairstyle. (I will warn you, though, if you have wavy or curly hair, this style may be difficult to get out of your hair. It will still work, and it looks great, but it may be a pain to get out at the end of the day!) What you need for this hairstyle is a brush, a bun maker, hair ties (one normal size, and one tiny), bobby pins, and a blue bow.

  1. Put the hair into a ponytail. It should be pretty high, right above the tops of the ears.
  2.  Place the bun maker over the ponytail. Arrange the hair over the bun maker, but let it fall naturally. (This is the same way you would do it if you were just making a normal bun.)
  3. Take about an inch-wide section of hair and braid it, not too loose, not too tight. (You’ll need to pancake it later, so make sure it’s not too tight for that.) You don’t need to braid all the way down, only about six or seven inches.
  4. Reach your fingers under the bun maker to tuck the braid under and pull it up through the middle.
  5. Add about another half inch, brush through the hair, then repeat what you did with the first section.
  6. Repeat this until you run out of hair.
  7. When you’ve braided all the hair and you reach the last section of hair, continue braiding all the way to the end. Secure with the tiny elastic.
  8. Tuck the braid in like before, but do it as many times as possible. Then tuck the end into the center of the bun and bobby pin it so it stays.
  9. Now what you should have so far is the bun maker, with hair braided around it. Don’t worry if there are a lot of spaces between the braids, that’s how it’s supposed to look.  Take the first braid you did, and pancake it. (If you don’t know what pancaking is, it’s basically just pulling on the strands in the braid to loosen the braid and make it wider.) It should look something like this:
  10. Then pancake the next braid. Now take a bobby pin and pin the two pancaked braids together to cover the space between them. The bun maker should not be visible. Add more bobby pins if necessary.
  11. Continue to do this, pancaking and bobby pinning, all the way around the bun. When you finish, go back and make sure there are no spaces where the bun maker is showing through. If there are, use bobby pins to fix it.
  12. The finishing touch – add the bow! You can clip it either above or below the bun, or even on the side, next to it. Any of these ways makes for a cute style.
  13. Ta-da! You’re all done. Go have fun with your new, adorable bun! (Hey, that rhymes!) Just don’t stay out past midnight!😉 Leave a comment telling me how it worked for you!

Disney Princess Hair Tutorials || The Little Mermaid!

This is such a fun style! I love how easy-breezy it is, and it’s super easy to do! It gives off a total summer vibe, which makes it great for this time of year! You can wear this to the beach, or if you just want to get into the summer spirit! This style works on pretty much all hair types and lengths. For this hairstyle, you will need a dinglehopper (but a brush works just fine too) and a hair tie. To accessorize, you’ll also need a starfish (or any type of shell) hair clip. They’re super easy to make – for the one I used, all that is needed is a metal hair clip, a starfish, and a self-sticking gem. You glue the starfish to the clip and stick the gem on top. Voila!

  1. Take a section of hair from the top of the head, just like you were starting a French braid.
  2. Begin a normal fishtail braid, adding in hair with each stitch, like a French braid.
  3. When you’ve added in all the hair, continue a normal fishtail braid until you reach he end of the hair. Tie it off with the hair tie.
  4. Add the hair clip in the braid. It doesn’t really matter where, just somewhere near the front.

You’re done! This style is so easy and so fun! Be sure to try it out, then let me know what you think!