*BONUS!* Day 5.5 • How to get the perfect ponytail!


I am super excited about this BONUS DAY, with tips and tricks on how to create a ponytail that is stylish but won’t fall out easily! I’ve got 5 tips for you guys that will help the ponytail stay in if you’re running or playing sports – or if you just have the problem of your hair always falling out of a ponytail! So here we go!

(Thanks to Abigail from freckledfashionista.wordpress.com for suggesting this in her comment!)

Tip #1: This is suuuuuper simple, but helps a lot! I have hair that for some reason really likes to fall out whenever I try to put it into a ponytail, and this always works for me! All you have to do is use two hair ties together, instead of one. Wrap them both around the ponytail at the same time, and you should feel the difference in how tight it is!

Tip #2: This one helps a lot if the problem is looseness on the top of the head, or beneath the ponytail. Simply bend over, flipping your hair so it’s upside-down. Brush your hair out like this and gather your hair in a ponytail, but don’t use the hair tie yet. Stand back up straight, but hold the ponytail in place with your hand. Then secure with a hair tie.

Tip #3: If you have a dad or brother who uses hair gel, just steal a little bit and apply it to your hair to slick it back before securing it in the ponytail! This actually does a surprising amount to keep it secure. (Similarly, if you don’t have any gel handy, hair spray has almost the same effect.)

Tip #4: If your problem is baby hairs that just won’t stay put, keep any of these three things handy (in your backpack or purse or anywhere that will make them easily accessible): bobby pins, hair clips, or a headband. Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail and then add any one of those to keep those hairs under control!

Tip #5: Tired of trying – and failing – to create the perfect ponytail? You might want to try something entirely different! Dutch and french braids work amazingly well at keeping all the hair back and do the same job as a ponytail! If you’re ready to take a break from ponytails, consider braids as a fun alternative!

That’s all for today! Bye!!!

10 Days of Sports Hairstyles • Day 5

Hey guys! I’m back with my 10 Days of Sports Hairstyles series! It’s day five!

This is a simple, easy hairstyle, but without all the clutter of complicated steps, it’s super cute and super chic! Besides that, its simplicity makes it a favorite for anytime you’re in a rush!

What you need is a brush, one regular hair tie (color doesn’t matter), one small, clear hair tie, and a bobby pin.

  1. First brush the hair out, and then make a side part in the hair with the brush.
  2. Take a small section of the hair, about half an inch wide, and divide it into three sections.
  3. Begin a normal braid, and braid all the way down to the end of the hair. Tie it off with the smaller hair tie. 
  4. Pull the individual stitches of the braid to make it wider and fluffier. This is called pancaking. 
  5. Gather all the hair (including the braided section) into a ponytail and secure with the larger hair tie.
  6. Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the hair tie to hide it. Use the bobby pin to hold it in place.

All done! Super simple but super fun!

Rain, Rain, Go Away…Or Not!

bear-windowHi guys! Where I live, it’s been raining quite a bit lately. I actually love the rain, but I don’t like the feeling of being soaking wet. The worst thing though, is the frizzy hair! *cringe in apprehension* (Like if you can relate:))

I enjoy rainy days, because it gives me an excuse to relax at home and do some things that I don’t normally have a chance to do. Sometimes though, I get stumped trying to figure out what to do…

If you’re in the same position, today’s your lucky day! 🙂 I’ve created a list of 5 things that are super fun to do on rainy days. Enjoy!

  1. Read a book! Guys, reading is so much fun, but when our lives get busy or overcrowded, sadly, reading is usually one of the first things to go! Take this rare chance to dive into a good book!bookshelfs
  2. Do a craft! I love making things, and rainy days are the best times to do it! Turn up some of your favorite music and get crafting! Try my 5-step, super easy and fast headbands or origami flowers!IMG_0992
  3. Make a smoothie! Who cares if it’s raining outside? Inside…it might as well be summer! 🙂 A super easy recipe: about a cup of any blend of frozen fruit, half a cup of milk, a third of a cup of ice, and a generous squirt of agave or honey (makes approximately one serving).smoothie
  4. Learn some new hairstyles! This is one of my personal favorite things to do on rainy days! I have some posts that can help you with that! 🙂 Click here for my Cinderella bun hairstyle, and here for the two French braids into a braid! (Part of the hair series I haven’t finished yet, but don’t worry – more hairstyles coming soon!)img_3867img_2312
  5. Look for rainbows! This needs no explanation:) Just enjoy the rain!rainbow'.jpg


And That’s A Wrap || Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!


Hi everyone! I hope all your holidays were fabulous!

Are you ready for 2017? I, for one, am most certainly not! I am definitely one of those people who is like, “Hold up. Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving???” Time flies!

2016 was a wonderful year! Here are some of the highlights of my favorite things from the year:

Favorite Live Action Movie

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I really liked this movie. I like prequels a lot in general, because I like to see the background stories. This one was especially good! I thought the acting and costumes in particular were really great.

Favorite Animated Movie

This one would have to be a tie; how am I supposed to choose between these two?!


I definitely loved both of these. If you didn’t already know, I’m a huge Disney fan, and these met and exceeded my expectations! 🙂 I thought the animation was fabulous in both, and loved the strong female lead characters in both as well! They’re both really different – Zootopia’s mystery and suspense kept me on the edge of my seat, while I absolutely adored the music in Moana – but they’re both on my list of top Disney movies!

Favorite Book

I couldn’t choose, so these are my two favorite books that I read in 2016 ; The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase (sequel to The Candymakers) by Wendy Mass and Flunked by Jen Calonita.


I really love both of these authors, and have read a lot of books by them. These two are definitely two of my favorites! I’m not normally a huge fan of mysteries, but Wendy Mass’s The Candymakers series makes me enjoy reading about them in a fun, light-hearted way. In Flunked, the characters really came alive to me and I enjoyed the author’s writing style. In conclusion, I would read these both again anytime! 😀

Favorite Fashion Trend

I have to say it was these!


I saw these shoes everywhere throughout 2016, and I saw them worn about a thousand different ways. That’s one of my favorite things about them – that they can be worn lots of different ways and go with everything!

Favorite Blog Post

Flashing waaaaaaaaaaaay back to last January, my favorite post from 2016 is 10 New Ways to Drink Hot Chocolateten-new-ways

My reasoning: 1) Hello! It’s hot chocolate and 2) It’s hot chocolate

Oh wait, I already said that…

Oh well, that’s a good enough reason for me! 🙂

Lastly, these are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017new-years-resolutions

Bye for now!!


December Fashion!

Hi everyone! I have not posted in FOREVER! I have been sooooooooooo busy lately, but hopefully I’ll be back for good! 🙂 I promise I’ll try to post more often, but life often just sneaks up on me. Like right now, for example. I cannot believe that it’s already December! The weather suddenly decided to get real cold, real fast, and Christmas is right around the corner! (I still need to do all my shopping – yikes!)

I don’t know about all of you, but for me, one of the most frustrating things about December weather (which I actually love, by the way) is trying to be stylish and stay warm at the same time. Seriously – “warm, cute clothes” is basically an oxymoron! They practically don’t even exist!

However, if you’ve suffered from this same problem, you’re in luck today! 🙂 I’ve created a list of clothing and accessories that I think are cute and fun to wear, but still help keep you warm, and still have a fall/winter theme to them. It’s like a three in one!

So, without further ado, here’s my list – these are some of my personal favorite things to wear during fall and winter!

  1. Boot socksI LOVE boot socks! They are just so cute, and I feel like they add something super special to any outfit. They make boots – which are already awesome in my opinion – like ten times cuter.
  2. ScarvesScarves are so much fun! It seems like a crime to only wear them during the cold months! These definitely keep you warm while making any fall or winter outfit complete!
  3. SweatersSweaters are another great clothing item that will keep you warm for sure! One thing I love about sweaters is that there are just so many different kinds! The options and outfit combinations really are endless!
  4. Fall dressesIt can sometimes be hard to find a dress suitable for fall and winter, but once you do – instant perfect cold weather outfit! Scarf? Check! Boots? Check! You’re all set to go!
  5. Knit dressesThese are the absolute perfect type of dress for fall! I mean, they’re basically a combination of sweaters and dresses, which are already two of my favorite fall clothing choices! Come on, like how genius is that?! 🙂
  6. Trench coatsTrench coats are another fun fall and winter option that will keep you warm while preserving your style! One thing I really like about them is the variety. There are so many completely different approaches to the trench coat. You can either go with the classic trench coat, or (as I’ve included) a pop of color, or anything in between!
  7. FlannelsFlannels are so fantabulous! They’ll keep you warm for sure, plus they’re in style right now. They also go with so many different things, and there are endless color combinations with flannels. You could pair it with a skirt, or pants, or even shorts! Have fun with all the possibilities! 🙂
  8. BeaniesLast, but most definitely not least is beanies! Beanies do an awesome job of keeping your head nice and cozy, and they look super cute with any fall or winter outfit!

That’s my list! That’s all for today! I hope you’re all having a wonderful December! Bye!

10 Days of Sports Hairstyles • Day 4

Hi! It’s day four, so let’s get started!!!

This hairstyle is another one of my favorites! It’s super elegant and kind of fancy-looking, but quick to do and it will keep your hair off your face!

All you need for this hairstyle is a brush and three regular hair ties.

  1. First, brush the hair out. Gather a section of hair at the top of your head, a couple of inches above the tops of the ears. Tie it off.
  2. Next gather another section of hair, making the part right in the center of the head, approximately at the middle of the ears. Add this hair to the hair from the first ponytail, and secure the whole thing with a hair tie.
  3. Repeat this one last time, making the part at the middle of the ears.
  4. Now gather the rest of the hair and secure it all in a ponytail using the last hair tie, at the nape of the neck.
  5. Now loosen the sections of hair in between the hair ties, forming bubble shapes.

All done! I think this style could work for all kinds of sports! If you try it out, comment and tell me how it went!

10 Days of Sports Hairstyles • Day 3

Hiiiiiiiiii! It’s day three of the sports hairstyles tutorials series! Yay! (You know what they say: three is a magic number!) 🙂

For this hairstyle, you will need a brush and two normal hair ties, the color of your choice.

  1. Brush the hair out and secure it in a ponytail using one of the hair ties.
  2. Now it’s time to begin a rope braid. First divide the hair into two sections. Then twist both of the sections to the right.
  3. Now twirl the two sections together. Be sure to twirl them to the left; you have to do it the opposite way you twisted the first time. As you braid, continue twisting to the right while you twirl the sections together, and constantly pull the braid tight.
  4. When you reach the end of the hair, tie it off with the other hair tie. All done!

There you go! I love the rope braid because it’s more unique, but it’s still easy!

Till next time!

10 Days of Sports Hairstyles • Day 2

Hey everyone!

This hairstyle is simple and easy, but it’s adorable, and I love it because it’s especially helpful for keeping flyaways and pesky baby hairs out of the way!

For this style, you will need a comb and three hair ties.

  1. First, part the hair with the he comb. The part can be anywhere, really.
  2. On one side, take a small section of hair, about an inch wide, and divide it into three sections.
  3. Begin a regular French braid, only adding hair from that side of the part.
  4. French braid down to about the tops of the ears, and then stop adding hair and continue with a normal braid to the end of the hair. Tie off with one of the hair ties.
  5. Repeat this on the other side of the head.
  6. Now remove the hair ties from the end of the braids. Divide all the hair into three sections and braid it into a normal braid. Use the last hair tie to secure it.

All done! I’d love to see some comments telling me how it went for you! 🙂

10 Days of Sports Hairstyles • Day 1

Hi guys! YAY! It’s the first day of the sports hairstyles series! I’m super pumped, so let’s get to it!

This hairstyle is pretty easy, and can usually be done in under five minutes. What you will need is a hairbrush, a spray bottle filled with water, a hair tie in the color of your choice, a bobby pin and a miniature hair tie (the color doesn’t matter; you will be taking it out before the end.)

  1. To start out, first you want to make a side part in the hair, using the brush. Then spray all the hair with the water to make it easier to work with.
  2. Gather a small section of hair in the front. Divide it into three sections and begin a French braid.
  3. Continue french braiding until you reach the ear. At this point, you can stop adding hair and just braid normally to the end of the hair. Tie it off with the smaller hair tie.
  4. Gather all the hair not in a braid into a ponytail and tie it with the larger hair tie.
  5. Now take the French braided hair and pull it back to the ponytail, wrapping it around the hair tie. Take out the small hair tie at the end of the braid and secure it with the bobby pin.

You’re done! This hairstyle is super quick and easy, but really cute!

Next Up…Sports Hairstyles!

Hi everyone!!! I am super excited to introduce my next hair tutorial series! As you’ve probably guessed, it’s sports hairstyles!!!!!!! These styles are fantastic for any sports practices or games, but they can also be used just for exercising, or even if you just want your hair out of your face at school!

I had SO much fun (and from what I could tell, you guys did too) with the Disney princess hair tutorials (see here), so I thought, why stop?

And BOOM! The sports hairstyle tutorials series was born! It’s going to be a ten day series called (DUH) 10 Days of Sports Hairstyles.

I’m a sporty kind of girl; for as long as I can remember, I’ve played one or more sports at a time. Coming up with cute but still practical hairstyles that are quick and easy enough to do before practice has always been a challenge.

So, hopefully this will help all the athletes out there struggling with the dilemma of, “Why do I have to choose between stylish and practical????”

Bye for now!